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Tokyo – Yoshinoya, Ringer Hunt, Flying Home

2017-08-13 (Tokyo)

At the end of the day, I still wasn’t able to get a haircut in Japan, unfortunately. QB House was closed at 11 pm yesterday, and I arrived at Shinjuku at 11:13 pm, not too long after the closing time.

This morning was just like any other morning when I have to catch my flights. As always, there is always a problem there. My connecting flight from Seoul to San Francisco was fully booked, and I wasn’t able to check in because there was no seat available.

I was actually hoping that they could bump me and get me to a direct flight from Narita to San Francisco, but then the check in agent somehow got me a middle seat. The bright side is I can get home on time!

I just didn’t realize Asiana is actually worse than Korean Air. Like for the whole time, I thought Korean air is one of the not so good airlines, but as I have been traveling for quite a while now, Korean is actually one of the best in terms of services/meals. Asiana are mostly old airplanes, and the inflight entertainment systems are really outdated. They really need an upgrade on their planes. One thing I hope Korean airlines can improve on is the inflight wifi. Both Korean air and Asiana do not provide inflight wifi, which is important for people like me who can’t live without the internet.

I picked Matt Damon’s the Great Wall to watch on the flight, and I would have to say that this is not the typical kind of movies from Hollywood. It is a typical Chinese production that I didn’t really like… it’s filmed with loads and loads of people with lots of CGs and lack of storyline. The pace of the movie is extremely story, and you could totally fall asleep on that.

 Gyu Don Late NightRinger Hunt for late night!

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