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Tokyo – Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Sports Authority Japan, Odaiba 

2017-08-08 (Tokyo)

It feels so great to be back in Japan! It feels so familiar when you hear the Japanese announcement. This is also the first airport that I first landed in Japan – Narita airport. Everything looks so familiar and nothing has changed. it feels good to be back “home.” 

The beverage that I miss the most – Royal Milk Tea 😀 God, I wish I could have this every day. I am so excited right now 🙂 Brands that I am familiar with. Food that I love to have. All these good memories just make me smile 😀

My Japanese has definitely gotten worse. I barely understood what the assistant in the bus station says. (I look Japanese and he keeps speaking Japanese to me)

And my favorite 7-11 fried chicken OMG 😀 I am having all my favorite food all at once in one day. Staying in Shinjuku again this time because this is the perfect spot for everything.  Matsuya Gyu-Don  

So glad that we are meeting each other again. Last time we met was also when I was in Osaka. It’s funny how we never meet in Hong Kong, but always in Japan.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is the reason that you should never pay to get into Tokyo’s tower. The view here is way better than the one over there, plus, you can get a snapshot of Tokyo Tower from here. There are two buildings actually, the south and the north buildings, both are accessible to the public without a charge.

Sports Authority is already out of business in the States. Surprise to see it thrive here in Japan. Japan is like a heaven for people who love having dessert!   Odaiba  Rainbow Bridge  

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