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Seoul – Foodie Adventure: South Korea

2017-04-22 (Seoul)

I have never had that much food in my entire life within a single day.

Alvin & Minji


I just started off the great adventure with green tea desserts that are famous in Osulloc. This is literally my breakfast of the day. We all woke up too early. Only McDonald’s is open that early in the morning. Literally, all restaurants are closed, even the toast take-out restaurant that my mom saw it on TV.

  Green Tea Shaved Ice with Red Beans Minji! Can’t believe I am the first person visiting Minji after we all departed Japan after the study abroad! Some famous soldier who fought for Korea. Minji mentioned about his name, but I just forgot. :p   Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce Short Ribs with Cheese 
The dish is served on a heating pan that keeps the cheese being melting, and you can just dip the ribs into the cheese sauce. They taste like heaven as I am a cheese lover. It is a great way to begin the food adventure.
 Rose Ice Cream Cone 
I can’t believe what I am seeing. This is as amazing as what you are seeing right now. Each scoop is a petal of the rose, and with enough amount of petals, it becomes a rose. As it turns out, it gets petty messy if we are just peeling off a petal off the ice cream rose.

 Honey Vanilla Ice Cream
 Line Store in Seoul  Raw Beef Served with Raw Egg (Yukhoe 육회)
Normally, I would not put anything that raw into my month.  Even though it may look disgusting, it does not taste that bad at all, and I wouldn’t be mad about it. To me, it is a special kind of taste that I have never tasted before, and it is sort of similar to the taste or texture of seafood, specifically raw squid. You can mix the beef with the seasonings provided: sesame oil with salt, garlic, or miso paste. This is a must if you are into something adventurous   Protestors Supporting the Former President of The Republic of Korea  Almond Shaved Ice
Almond Powder, Sliced Almond with a mixture of Condensed Milk on top of a cotton shaved ice. This is delicious, but I had to be really cautious in putting it into my month as the powder are too light in weight, and it gets into your breathing too easily.
 Korea Sausage 
Minji was going to surprise me on this, but it turns out the sausage tastes exactly like the Chinese spring roll, except it is in a form of sausage. Really liked it though because it enhances the experience of having a spring roll 🙂

 Night hike to the mountain that has the highest elevation in Seoul to help our digestion   Minji and I wanted to end the night with fried chicken, but we were just both too full for that to happen. In Korea, if you order a fried chicken, you gotta order a whole chicken, instead of just a wing or a thigh (It turns out chicken in Korea are relatively small in size, so we could’ve gotten that piece of Korean fried chicken).

Any how, this is what we have accompished in one day! Mission accomplished!

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