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Porto/Lisbon – Royal Palace, San Francisco Cathedral, The Bookstore of J.K. Rowling – Livraria Lello

2017-08-06 (Porto)

Spending my last half day in Porto, such a beautiful city.

Just went to the Royal Palace in the morning to get the ticket. Royal Palace can be only visited with a guided tour, and it’s just a short 30 minute tour. Even though I went there “early” in the day, the tickets for the next hour is already sold out. I was still able to score a ticket for later in the day though.  To kill time in between, I just got to the San Francisco Cathedral. The admission is just 5 euros with the access to the cemetery, and it’s also a UNESCO heritage site. The underground basement is just an entire cemetery for rich people and people with religious status. The cathedral is literally made of gold, a 400 kg worth of gold was painted on all the walls. There was a tour guide from Hong Kong explaining everything about the cathedral.   Royal Palace was used to be a stock exchange center, but it was moved to Lisbon, the capital of the country. Some part of the palace was painted as a technique to mimic all kinds of material like wood and metal. If you don’t look closely enough, you won’t be able to notice the difference would think the entire room was made of wood!  There was an Arabic room, which took 15 years to decorate. Gorgeous!  Another restaurant that was recommended by the walking tour guide The Bookstore of J.K. Rowling – Livraria Lello
Apparently, J.K. Rowling got her inspiration of Harry Potter from this bookstore and right now there is an influx of people visiting the bookstore every day, and a 4 euro voucher is needed to be purchased to visit the bookstore. The 4 euro voucher can only be used on books and the books are marked up on the price as well.    Final chance to grab some Portuguese tarts before I leave Portugal! Unlike the ones from Macau, the Portuguese tarts here is served cold (or room temperature).    Got off a stop early in Lisbon to grab a meal

Oriente Shopping Center

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