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Porto – Porto/Sao Bento Station, Luís I Bridge, The Crystal Palace

2017-08-04 (Porto)

Because of the walking tour experience in Edinburgh, I pretty much fell in love with the walking tour and I feel like this is a great way to know about the place with a local tour guide.

As recommended by the girl I met last night, I am going to take this tour with the Porto Walkers, meeting at the Liberdade Square (Praça da Liberdade), at the heart of the city.

Porto is once surrounded by a wall (Thanks, Trump!) to protect itself from invasion, but with the history changes, the wall is no longer in use, especially in the Schengen zone. Certain parts of the wall are still visible in the city boundaries.

Porto – Sao Bento Station

This is the main station of Porto, and this station is a significant site not only because of the fact that it is the main station, but also there is an interesting city that ties with this building. As we all know, Porto literally translates to the Port in Portuguese, and as a major hub for commerce in Portugal, a train station is very needed to transport goods to other parts of Portugal or even the rest of the Europe. Everyone in Porto wanted this station, except one person, which was the nun living here. Everyone wanted to evict this nun from her place, but the nun resisted and insisted to stay in this building until she dies. Everyone in Porto just prayed for her death, and the more you pray, the more God listens. She eventually died at her 90s, like 30-40 years later than the proposed date of the station construction. Well, thanks to the death of this nun. We have this main station, and this is the place where I leave and go to Lisbon!  

The entire station is decorated with Spanish tiles, each side of the stations tells a different part of the history in Portugal. It is interesting to hear the stories as the tour guide is very knowledgeable.

This is my favorite place in Porto – Luís I Bridge. The history of this bridge has to do with some competitions with the architects and the architect who designed the Eiffel Tower. Long story short, it is just a rivalry of fame between two architects. Knowing the history of this bridge just makes me appreciate more.

Have you ever wonder why Port wine is not made in Porto? That’s because of taxation! It is just cheaper to make wine or the other side of the river because of some reason Porto is taxed differently because it belongs to the Pope or the King.

Awesome local restaurant recommended by our tour guide! Entree, soup, and soda combo for just 5 euros! This is the best! I instantly fall in love in Portuguese food and want to live in Portugal, seriously!  The Crystal Palace – Palácio de Cristal
It is nothing like the Crystal Palace in Madrid, not made of glass, doesn’t look like the crystal, nor looking like a palace. This is just supposed to be a stadium or something, but it’s going through some renovation.  Supposed to be an attraction here 

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