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Palma de Mallorca / Porto – Device to Root out Evil, Amazing Tapa House in Porto

2017-08-03 (Palma de Mallorca to Porto)

Last day in Palma de Mallorca

I have visited most of the attractions in Palma. This is the last place that is on my list – Device to Root out Evil. It’s quite a walk to just come all the way over here to see this piece of art.

Device to Root out Evil


First time taking Ryanair. I had been trying to avoid Ryanair due to their notorious reputation of weighting carry on bags. I guess they have changed their policy, and my bag wasn’t weighted at all and I got on board pretty smoothly.

Don’t really understand why they always put me in the emergency exit, which well, gives me more leg space 😉
So glad to be back in mainland Europe! Porto!

There are a lot more English speaking people here, and the receptionist who checks me in speaks fluent English.
He recommends this dope hippie Tapa restaurant that has the best tapa in town.

It is almost 12 am at night, and I still have to wait to be seated. While waiting, that’s a nice lady coming up and asks me if I wanted to eat together. It’s always better to eat with someone and because of that, we even get seated fast because we have a party of two (I guess the world hates people being single). The food is not only unique but also amazing. The decorations and the entire atmosphere makes you forget you are actually in Porto because of how hippie it is. This is so awesome! 

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