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New York City – Frick Collection, Central Park

07-17-2016 New York City

This is my second time visiting New York City since the last big trip.
Since I have limited time for the trip, I am only staying in New York for two days.
Traveling with backpack is heavy… So heavy that you don’t really want to sight see not walk around. I learned that lesson the first time I visited New York.
So what does that mean? I need a place to store my luggage. I could utilize the Amtrak luggage holding service, but I need a valid Amtrak ticket of the day, which I don’t have. (To save money, I took the NJ transit instead. Saving me time and money) 2016-07-17-09-05-17 2016-07-17-10-19-12 2016-07-17-10-20-24

I found a luggage storage store in New York 13 minute walk away from Penn station, NY. I dropped off my luggage there for $10 per day and I was off to explore the city of New York!
Again, this time I couldn’t get the ticket to the UN because I booked too late. I even tried seeking the AMEX platinum concierge for help, but too they couldn’t get me a ticket.
The Frick Collection 

I don’t know why I didn’t visit this place the first time, maybe I just missed.
Lucky me, the Frick collection is actually “free” to public every Sunday mornings from 11a-1p. Well, it’s technically free, but you are welcomed to donate money for the museum.


One of the most notable exhibit or the only place that you can take pictures is this hall with the water fountain.


It was built by the architect after the Frick’s residence was remodeled into a museum by his will. The residence was mostly preserved as it was before with the British style of architecture.
His wife also lived in this residence after Frick’s death.
Frick collection was famous because Frick put in a lot of effort during his time to improve his collections and it evolves over time.

Central Park 2016-07-17-14-33-56-hdr

Agh! I got ripped off my one of the street truck… One Kuran cost me $10, wtf! Whatever I am a tourist and it bounds to happen…


To some people, it’s the Central Park. But to all Pokemon masters out there, it’s a huge poke stop!


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