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London – The British Library

2017-07-21 (London)

First day in London. This time I am wise enough to stay in downtown (Well, mostly because I am out of coupons.). London really brings up a lot of memories from the old Hong Kong, especially things like mailboxes that existed when Hong Kong was ruled over by the British government.

What a pleasant surprise! There is a Chatime near the hostel that I am staying.

The British Library

I came here because this place has a relatively high rating on Tripadvisor, and for some reason, I have never noticed this place until this trip. The British Library is not a typical library where you go in, check out books, and bring back home. It is a research library, which means that you need to gain special access to even look into the collections. The library is so big that many people just come here to study in the open area. There is also a museum or some exhibits attached to the library near the main entrance. The permanent collection is free and open to the public. The temporary exhibitions require an entrance fee.


Inside the museum, photographs are not allowed, but the collections it contained is pretty impressive, including the original copy of the Magna Carta. I’m just really grateful for the fact that the U.K. Government decides to make all these exhibits open to the public.

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