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Lisbon/Warsaw/Tokyo – The Impossible 0 Minute Transfer Journey!

2017-08-07 (Lisbon to Tokyo)

Coming to the end of the journey.

For some reason, I really love the city of Lisbon. It is so peaceful, calm, and beautiful. I wish I could live in Europe one day.

Maybe someday, when I am ready to work remote completely, I will just be living in all over the places.

Today was just a heck of a journey… completed the 0 minute connection transfer. When I booked the ticket from Chase, it looked like there is a 40 minute transfer in between my Warsaw flight and Tokyo flight. In reality, you actually have to be at the gate like 40 minutes before departure. That being said, the moment I landed in Warsaw, I should already be at the gate, given that I am fortunate enough to not have a delayed flight.

So it turned out that when I checked in, I got the ticket saying I have 0 minute of transfer and I have to be at the gate once I land. I ran so fast to the other gate, but soon to realize I have to go through border security because I am going out of the Schengen area. There was a nice Japanese lady who let me go first and I was really grateful and told her I am being late for my flight. She just pointed me to a line with no one waiting. It was so nice of her that I made it to the gate before it closed.

The boarding time was delayed until 2:40 pm instead of 2:25 pm. I even got there at 2:35 pm with 5 minutes of spare time. Impressive!

LOT airline seems to be really strict about carry-on luggage. The couple in front of me got asked to weight their luggage. I am just glad that mine didn’t get weighted as I was so sure it was way overweighted… 7 kg per luggage and mine for sure was a little oversize too since I wasn’t really doing the hardcore packing and along with my souvenirs and new clothes. The ground crew was also asking around for people to upgrade to business class at the gate, and I was like “this is interesting. I thought LOT is a legitimate airline. Why is it operating like a budget airline?” The flight wasn’t really that full and I actually got an empty seat next to me. Woah!

The food is in my taste and I liked it a lot 😉 It was very delicious though along with the meal I had with TAP Portugal (There is indeed a meal for the flight from Lisbon to Warsaw 4 hour flight surprise surprise!)


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