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Kamakura – Kamakura High School Front, Great Buddha

2017-08-12 (Tokyo)

I was thinking of doing a day trip from Tokyo because I pretty much have already visited most parts of Tokyo. Tokyo is an exciting city. There are a lot of interesting stuff going on in different parts of Tokyo. Shinjuku you have lots of clothing stores and department stores. In Shibuya, you have lots of restaurants. (By the way, it is actually cheaper to shop in Shibuya’s Don Qijote then the one in Shinjuku. The one in Shibuya is indeed well priced and everything was insanely cheap.)

So I don’t actually know why, maybe because there are so many things to do at night in Tokyo, I always sleep so late here, and I actually wake up kind of late as well and can’t really get my ass up until noon. By the time I get to Kamakura, it’s already around 2 pm. On my way there, I was like “hummm, Kamakura, the name sounds really familiar… I was like I heard it from Chan Lok Yiu and was like maybe she has been there so she knows what’s there.” It turns out she is actually visiting Kamakura as well! I mean the world is actually that small. You always bump into things that you aren’t expecting and I kind of like this kind of little gem in life.

We first visited the famous anime train crossing / beach area – Kamakura High School Front. Stupid me was like “ummm what are we seeing here?” There is literally a beach and umm a beach? I know a beach is beautiful, but there are beaches everywhere in Kamakura.

One of the main reasons why I am here in Kamakura is because I saw a couchsurfer having a big Buddha on his profile picture and the great Buddha is actually located in Kamakura. I am lucky enough to get there just in time 30 minutes before it is closing, so I quickly go in and check out the Buddha.


The amazing part of the buddha is that you can pay 20 yen on top of the admission to get into the inner part of the hollow buddha, which was made in copper. The buddha has two windows from the back and it actually looks like a gundam because of the windows. Once you get inside from its back, you get to touch the wall made of copper and feel the heat it traps from the sunlight.  I was thinking there might be some kind of body being buried inside the buddha like the kind in the typical kind of cathedrals. I am expecting too much because all it has is just explanations on how the buddha is being fixed and maintained after an earthquake and the techniques that are used at the time. 

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