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Honolulu – Kalbi Beef, (Failed) Diamond Head Adventure, Hula Dance


After having a full work day yesterday, I decided to go on exploring today for sure. Not too far from the hostel, there is one Kalbi place that I have seen somewhere on youtube. Having a high expectation, I come to this place to get the best Kalbi in town. Not to my surprise, the price is actually a little expensive compared to what I use to have in the bay. The overall taste is still delicious, just wish it could be a little more affordable.

With my determination to explore today, I take the bus to come to the diamond head trail. I see this sign and start to wonder if the trail is actually closed. There are a couple walking in front of me towards the tunnel that connects to the trail, so I just ignored the sign (stupid me). Of course, the trail is closed and I have walk all the way back down to the bus stop.


Not wanting to give up on this beautiful afternoon, I am determined to just go somewhere, somewhere beautiful. According to the Google Maps, the bus should end up taking me an hour to get to the Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse Trail. Google Maps is pretty stupid in taking the calculation of the walking distance. From where I get off, I have to walk on the freeway and steep uphill that would totally take 30 minutes at least, instead of 10 minutes according to Google Maps calculation. At this point, I run out of options and just cross the freeway and see the lighthouse from afar. I guess I can come back for it while I rent a car.

Hula Dance in the Royal Hawaiian Center

Being a tourist, doing touristy things 😀

Marukame Udon has the magic of having me come back for a second visit. Curry udon is by far my second most favorite udon bowl here.

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