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Honolulu, Hawaii – First Digital Nomad Adventure, Manoa Falls, Shirokiya Japan Village


I can’t believe this is happening!! I am officially a digital nomad, and Hawaii is going to be my first stop for my adventure. Can’t believe this is real.

I always have a good impression of Hawaii since the last time I traveled. Flying with Hawaiian this time. Hawaiian Airlines is located in a separate terminal, I only have access to the Air France lounge. It’s subpar to the AMEX Centurion lounge, but it’s still go to a lounge to grab some food before the flight.

 Another breakfast  HONOLULU!!!!!! This airport is so beautiful. It even has a secret garden inside.   As I pretty much have to work during weekdays, I start my adventure right away with the Manoa Falls Trail. There was a storm a couple days ago, and the trail is all muddy and slightly slippery.   The waterfall is massive and so beautiful.   Looks like I am being in a forest 😀  Wild Chicken Found!   One of my favorite places here in Honolulu – Shirokiya Japan Village Walk

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