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Honolulu – Bishop Museum, Helena’s Hawaiian Food, Pearl Harbor Parade


Quick bite Musubi for lunch and getting to the Bishop Museum

Don’t know what got into me and was like in the zone for a while on the bus and accidentally got off in the Iolani palace thinking I was actually going there


Waited for an extra 15 minutes to get on the same bus again


I was actually a little bit surprised by this museum. There weren’t a lot of people when I entered the museum, like maximum of 10 people visiting. I am just happy that this museum has a massive collection on Hawaiian history, preserving the Hawaiian heritage.

One thing I really love is the part about Lili uokalani. I am so touched by her love towards the Hawaiian people and her hopelessness when she had to give up her throne. I looked up the song aloha oe on youtube, and I can say she is not only a good queen, but also a very talented musician. Aloha oe is full of sadness but with a sense of hope. Listening to the song just makes me appreciate a little more about what she did. I am just a little upset by this part of the American history. I just hope that I can learn more about the Hawaiian monarchy in the Iolani Palace.

Unfortunately the royal bloodline has ended, and currently, there is no surviving descendant of the monarchy.

I wish I had more time to spend in this museum. Basically ,I had to rush through the rest of the three buildings, all exhibiting different aspects of Hawaii.

Interactive model made of hot wax mimicking a volcanic eruption.

Lava made of water. I can even control the lava flow!

Right next to the Bishop Museum is Helena’s Hawaiian Food. This place is cash only, and yet I only have like $13 on me. The waitress was nice enough to recommend something that is under $13 bucks, and I am happy to walk out of the restaurant with some delicious food in my stomach 😀 definitely one of the best BBQ short ribs I have had and they were amazing!

Lots of traffic today on the island (probably because of a parade and a fire somewhere near the freeway)

Just in time for the Pearl Harbor Parade. Can’t beat a day with all these fun activities!

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