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Enoshima – Cremia, Sea Candle

2017-08-12 (Tokyo) – Part 3

Cremia! My favorite cremia! I found it, finally! One thing that I learn from traveling is that opportunities are usually a one-time thing. I am so fortunate to get a chance to meet Cremia again.  Walking towards the Enoshima, where there is only one bridge that connects the entire island to the mainland, I find it interesting that the island is not actually that far from the mainland and the sea candle (the observation tower) is actually not that tall. There is an escalator going up to the top of the hill with an around 400 yen charge, and the walk to the top is actually around 15 minutes. I actually think that there should not be a reason taking the escalators.  By the time I reached the sea candle, the sky has already gone dark. There is not much to see around the garden because it is so dark, but I still get a to get a night view of the city, which is actually the tallest infrastructure of surrounding areas. 

Awesome dinner with Lok Yiu and her friend!

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