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Edinburgh – Scottish Parliament, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Museum of Edinburgh

2017-07-28 (Edinburgh)

The Scottish Parliament is open to the public, but most of the places cannot be entered without a guide. That being said, it is better to visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse right next to the Parliament. (I love how everything is so close together in Edinburgh!)

An audio guide is included in the admission, but photography is not allowed indoor.

Speaking of monarchy: I just remembered the walking tour guide told us a story about the Stone of Scone (Stone of Destiny), which is the stone that is passed on from generations to generations when a new king takes over. At some point, the Scottish and the English King are the same person, and the stone was actually brought to London, and people just forgot about the stone. Some young Scottish people read about the stone and thought that the stone should be kept in Scotland as it meant a lot to the Scottish history – and they decided to steal it from London. Yet, they never knew how big the stone was and wasn’t really prepared. When they saw the stone, they were shocked by the massiveness of the stone and weren’t able to move the stone… Some genius mind came up with an idea to break the stone into pieces and glue them back for easier transport…. Good work there, pal…


Palace of Holyroodhouse

On my way back to the Royal Miles, I come across this free Museum of Edinburgh that has tons of history about this lovely city. 

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