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Edinburgh – The Scotch Whisky Experience, Scottish National Gallery

2017-07-29 (Edinburgh)

For a 20 pounds ticket from Edinburgh to Palma de Mallorca, I was praying to not get anything wrong with my flight. Purchasing was successful, but I can’t check in online because all the free seats are gone! What is that suppose to mean? Am I gonna stand for the rest of the flight?! (It turns out I was assigned to the emergency exit row = extra leg space + entire row to myself woohoo!)

What’s famous in Scotland? Whisky!

The Scotch Whisky Experience
Fun ride in the museum just like the one in the Titanic museum, sitting in a barrel and traveling through the history of scotch whisky with a whisky ghost.

Hi there, whisky ghost!   There are so many whisky bottles here. All of them are never opened, but because of evaporations, some of the whisky looked half full or even almost empty.  Meeting an old friend in Edinburgh

And yet, blue sky means it can pour rain any second, and I am soaked in water before getting into the Scottish National Gallery.

Scottish National Gallery


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