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Edinburgh – Haggis, Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh

2017-07-28 (Edinburgh) – Part 2

Arcade Bar, Haggis & Whisky House
Famous for Haggis! And the really cool urinals in the restaurant. 

Even though Edinburgh is not comparable to London, it still has a lot of places to explore with.

Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh

Even though the sky looks so blue right now, it just starts raining out of nowhere. Such a hassle to walk back to old town without umbrella (I actually have it with me, but you know how much I hate about making an umbrella wet.)   Finally getting my own room this trip. Because of the rain, I actually took an Uber to get here (only costs me like 3 pounds or something, but it saves me 15 minutes walk in the rain, which is awesome!)  

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