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Day 40: Melbourne – Phillip Island


Road trip to Phillip Island!

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Little Penguins who live in the Southern part of Australia… Wait for it…


They are actually made of 100% chocolate from Phillip Island Chocolate Factory


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Australian version of Fish and Chips

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This is the place where little penguins comes to the shore when the night comes.


These little penguins are really clever. During the day, they go on hunting in the ocean to avoid their predators on land and from the sky.


When the sun sets, they come back in a group and gets back to the shore in couples; they never land alone so that they don’t get attacked by the seagulls.


Once they get their feet on the ground, they quickly sprint to the inland and hide in their homes in the sand, so no one could see them when they are feeding their babies.


No pictures were allowed on the beach because of the recent tourist distractions to the penguins.

Wallaby just casually hanging around.

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