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Day 38: Tokyo – Melbourne, Australia



Last day in Tokyo. Apparently, flying to Tokyo to Melbourne is really cheap with JetStar, usually around USD 260-350 during low season.


I have never been to Melbourne and I really want to visit my aunt’s family in Australia. (Maybe I will get to meet 5 Seconds of Summer LOL)


Budget Airline doesn’t offer food services for free, so I got my own from the airport.


These sandwiches were unexpectedly delicious! Haha. Guess what? I originally got two boxes of those, but then I fell asleep on the plane and kicked one of the boxes away. I was glad that I got a plenty of Onagiris before I board.


Apparently, all US citizens can now go through the electronic gate as well for immigration control. Skip the line, but you don’t get a stamp from Australia.

IMG_0330 IMG_0331 IMG_0333

Express bus service 30 minutes to city center!

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