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Day 3: Brooklyn and New York City


Brooklyn Bridge

My host recommended me to take the train and walk from Brooklyn to New York on the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately, I got off one stop early, and the next train would cost me another 12 minutes, so I decide to just walk from New York City to Brooklyn. Accidentally, I bumped into 9/11 Memorial site.

BTW, Cakes from Lady M.

Green Tea Moose and Strawberry Cake. I like the Strawberry Cake better because I personally do not like moose. It’s like eating a lot of fat and butter into the stomach. =p

Brooklyn Bridge (Continue…)

It is better to talk from Brooklyn to New York City because you can see the Manhattan skyline while walking. I got there pretty late like around 3, so by the time I walked across the bridge, the sun was already setting.


Chinatown is a lot like Yau Ma Dei in Hong Kong with the light box advertisements. It somehow reminds me of New Territories in Hong Kong with the small shopping malls and stuff.

Somehow scam stores still exist, and they are everywhere.

Interesting bookstore that has my childhood exercise book, brought up a lot of memories

[pic not available]

Food is so cheap in Chinatown, somehow a Panda express like restaurant managed to offer this…


Little Italy

When I was having dinner in the Shanghaiese restaurant next to the restaurant above, I talked to an old couple sitting next to me because they literally looked like they have never been to a Chinese restaurant, and they looked a lot like tourists to me. It turned out that they were New Yorkers living in the upper Manhattan area, just that they only eat out once in a year LOL.

Well, they recommended me to go Little Italy and have a look (lol they are so nice, even guided me to the door)

There are just fancy Italian restaurants and Chinese restaurants (the Chinese community is spreading over to little Italy lol)

(My Airbnb host told me that Little Italy is only for tourists… Those are the worst Italian restaurants. Any Italian restaurants that are not in that area are way better)

Time Square (Again!!)

M&M Store

Line Store

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