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Day 2: Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Time Square


Wanted to go the visit the Statue of Liberty today, but I didn’t want to wake up early, so plan changed and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art instead.

(p.s. I totally forgot to put my SD card back into my camera… so today’s pic is all from my smartphone)

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Student: $13

This $13 is totally worth it. It is a never ending museum. The collection is so huge that I think I still need a couple more hours to look through the whole collection.

Well… according to google, 5th ave is right next to the Metropolitan Museum, but what google doesn’t know is 5th ave is long, and it’s Christmas Eve… Every single fashion store closed early today, and none was open for me.

Kate Spade

Walking down to 5th Ave.

Authentic Apple Store

Rockefeller Center

Lego Store (Closed)

Near Time Square

Dangerous Selfie with NYPD =P

Tourists overwhelmed by the pointless kiss cam with people (often guys) who don’t even know each other lol

Most of the restaurants were closed early on Christmas Eve. I planned to go to Shake Shack near Time Square for dinner, but apparently, it closed early (it says 12:00am) =/

Went to fancy Japanese Restaurant instead for Christmas Eve Dinner

$30 just for a single person =D but it is yummy

All pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h23fcnfkr1avz7e/AAD8Qqs8CT7OhdFFS01s67xla?dl=0

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