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Day 1: New York City


It is way harder than I thought carrying a bag around the city.

First Stop!

Grand Central Terminal


Saw this place in The Tomorrow’s People! Haha

I thought the subway was really fancy like the ones in the Tomorrow’s People, but oh well, it’s just pretty old and smelly. D=

After hours of planes and transfers, I was literally starving for food. Food? I thought I’d eat anything, anything that was edible, so around the Grand Terminal Station, without looking at yelp (totally regretting it), I went to Vietnamese / Chinese / Japanese restaurant (I didn’t what style that restaurant is, but as I was carrying a super heavy backpack and was super hungry, I didn’t care much and honestly didn’t want to walk any further). The food was, unexpectedly awful … I order a pad see yu, but instead, I got a chicken flat noodle, with you know what, tons of soy sauce and salt. It came with a vegetable soup though (WTH?!) AVOID THIS RESTAURANT AT ALL COST!


Seconddd Stop of the Day

United Nations Headquarters


Rainy day… No flags.. No nothing.

To enter, apparently, I need to reserve online in advance… oh well, didn’t get in. My Airbnb host said the UN was nothing special. Well, I guess I didn’t miss much.

Metlife Building’s Christmas Tree


Heading back to Grand Central Station

Actually Grand Central Station is pretty much like the Central Station?) in Los Angeles, but it has a lot more small businesses in Grand Central Station. image



A small train museum / gift store inside the station

New York Public Library inside Bryant Park

A place for me to finally sit down and take some rest. 

This architecture has a lot of artistic elements in it. Paints are all over the rooms and walls inside the structure.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is sort of like Union Square in San Francisco, but I feel like it’s a combination of both Hong Kong’s Night Market and Union Square. One side is all sorts of handcrafting stores, food stores, photographers, while the other side is for ice skating.

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