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London – Buckingham Palace – State Rooms

2017-07-22 (London)

View from the Generator Hostel, London

Contrary to what I have been experiencing with Generator in other locations, this location needs a little renovation in order to align with other locations. Power outlets are not available near the beds and air conditioning is close to non-existent. We have to put a fan in the room, and it is still a little too warm to sleep comfortably.   

Woke up to a Pallea for brunch 🙂  

Time to visit the Buckingham Palace for real this time! The staterooms are only open during summer, and the past two times I came here wasn’t at the right timing. Excited to meet the Queen!  

Unfortunately, pictures are not allowed inside the palace. The Queen has a lot of respect from pretty much every country around the world. The palace collection is pretty much all the gifts and souvenirs from all government officials. There is even one from Hong Kong!  

London’s weather is always unpredictable. When the weather is bad, there is always some good indoor activities in London.

The Harrods 

The Harrods is on a pricier end, but it is also one of the most famous department stores in London. I would have loved here if I were rich 😀 Westfield is more of my type.

I missed this restaurant specializing pies in Westfield’s food court a lot. Gotta come back for a bite!   

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