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Barcelona – Casa Batlló

2017-01-23 Part 2/2 (Barcelona)

Casa Batlló by Gaudi

One of the best work of Gaudi

Gaudi is amazing and he cares about every tiny detail he possibly can.

This is the entrance hall. The painting resembles the ocean.

With the virtual reality android phone audio guide included in the admission, you can use the phone to walk around the room worth the calibrator and you can visually see the surrounding becomes part of the world of Gaudi.

This part is inundated in water. It’s like being underneath the ocean.

These windows are also specially designed. You can control the airflow by turning the blinds. The interior is even more fascinating.

The color are placed according to the proximity of the lights. The closer to the top, the darker the blue is. The further from the top, the lighter the color is to compensate the shades of light.

Hologram of Gaudi

Time for another paella!

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