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Namba, Osaka – Otoro Sushi 大トロ, Rikuro Ojisan no Mise Cheesecake りくろーおじさんの店

2015-04-18 Namba

Went back to Namba and my life was drastically changed.


My First Ootoro Sushi – My life has been changed, and I can never go back to where I used to be

IMG_6184 (1) IMG_6185

Even though it looks like a typical sushi, it is actually the best thing I have ever had – the highest class of toro fish! It tastes like heaven! Very buttery and juicy! It’s like having a butter made of fish in your month, yum!

IMG_6186 IMG_6187

Rikuro Ojisan no Mise – Famous for Sponge Cheescake
Each one of these cakes is freshly baked and is advised to be consumed within a couple hours.

IMG_6190 IMG_6191 (1) IMG_6193

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